This was the cast of Voodoo Vaudeville in Edinburgh at the Fringe in 2007, we were performing sell out shows at the Assembly Rooms..L to R Briony Dace, Katy Schutte, Rachel Blackman, Gil Cohen

“a really entertaining show. Maurice, the show’s compère, is an unnerving cross between Peter Sellers and Frank Spencer”

Three Weeks 4 stars

Voodoo Vaudeville delivers wonderful raw burlesque…
Chris Cresswell’s dry surreal comedy is the shoogly lynchpin at the centre of this reassuringly surreal, wonderfully silly and delightfully stupid, hour long cabaret. He paces a show designed to feel as if it is about to fall apart perfectly. There is everything you could want from a rough-edged, end-of-pier show. The hostesses are funny, the routines are saucy, the nudity is graceful and even the orchestra is beautiful.
Top of the bill is Baby Warhol. A real show stealer, Baby Warhol is one of the most inventive comedy acts I’ve seen in years. I would never have believed a glove puppet could make me laugh so hard.

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