RECENT NEWS: A series of workshops “Age Is A Stage” for older people and Boomers at Theatre Royal, Brighton. July 13/20 then Sept to Nov 2018.

 Chris  runs workshops in clown theatre, creativity and personal development.

Chris is an experienced workshop leader and deviser, a former member of Ra Ra Zoo, and now director of Voodoo Vaudeville,. Over the years he has devised and led a wide variety of workshops around the world including a master class clown course at Die Etage in Berlin. He was course leader at Italia Conti Academy on the BA Acting course. He has taught street, clown and physical theatre at Northbrook College Brighton, and at Circus Space London. He has a wealth of experience as a director and has an MA in Theatre and Circus from Middlesex University. He currently has a residency as associate lecturer at Chichester University teaching a clown module  in conjunction with Andrew Wilford and is visiting lecturer at AELFA Academy of Drama, teaching clown and physical comedy. He has worked with corporate clients, with special needs children, senior citizens groups and professional development seminars. He has been instrumental in developing street theatre courses for older people in Brighton and Hastings leading to public performance. He has recently developed a unique workshop to encourage creativity and play in performance “Flying In The Moment” which he has delivered at  the Critical Incident Festival 2 years running and has a further workshop planned for 2014 at Brighton Dome. As a result of thepast few years residency at Chichester, Chris is currently developing a book on theatre games and the art of the clown


Chris’s vast experience energy and insight enthused our students and provoked some outstanding work, his teaching has a fresh and inspirational aspect that reaches out to all involved.
Dr Ben Francombe Head of Performing Arts Chichester University

Chris Cresswell’s absolute professionalism, creativity and ability to inspire children made the first ever Emporium Youth Theatre Workshops a success!
Melody Roche Emporium Youth Theatre

Chris Cresswell’s extensive professional experience in cinema, cabaret and physical theatre shone through in the performances from the young boys.  They would not have been out of place on a west end stage or  arty bohemian cabaret. . Chris’ unique take on dark and humorous, surreal but slick cabaret performance clearly has a huge appeal to these older teenagers and he achieved the difficult task of  making  white faced mime very very cool!
Donna Close, Arts Development Officer Brighton and Hove council

Chris Cresswell has a rare gift. He is able to bring about personal and professional development, not by delivering it, not even by facilitating it. He does it by standing behind you, pointing to the space where all is possible, and knowing just the right moment to nudge you into it”
Paul Levy. (Director, Critical Incident Festival 2012)

The children had never experienced or attempted this style of performance before and both the children and their parents were pleased with the experience they had of learning these new skills and developing a different stage presence through Chris’ teaching and direction. 

Claire Soper Gardner Arts Centre

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A Participants View

“It was fabulous” Ros Barber. (Author, The Marlowe Papers)

I thought it was challenging, frightening, exciting and mind expanding. I’m not naturally playful and I hate doing physical things in groups but I pushed through my discomfort as I felt trust in Chris to hold the group well. The activities felt optional but the energy pushed us to engage. Chris is one of the few facilitators who is truly present – he was awake, aware and conscious. It really did feel as if he was watching the energy of the room, tuning into us and allowing something unique and meaningful to emerge – it was one of the more memorable events I attended at The Critical Incident.. Chris is a gentle soul and challenges playfully and skillfully, without drama or fuss. Some group leaders let their ego take the stage, Chris managed to drift to the side, unobtrusive but ever present and guiding. Didi  2012 Critical Incident, Brighton

“Am loving clowning lessons, I think Chris is brilliant, terrifying but brilliant.” Abby L. Chichester University student 2012

‘Learning to find my inner Clown with Chris was an absolute pleasure. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to start me on my Clown Journey.’
Kate Shields  (Artist) Emporium Workshop 2013


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